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Since September 2023, the Stichting Music Collective Amsterdam has been a non-profit foundation willing to perform, promote, and educate classical music to all possible forms of interested public who might attend any of our events. 

Any received donation, whether private or public, goes straight into creating new projects that allow us to serve the very core values of the ensemble: propagating classical music, a timeless tapestry of human emotions and cultural richness, that serves society as an indispensable treasure, enriching our souls, fostering creativity, and connecting us across generations.

To continue our mission, we need your help! Every contribution, no matter how small, has the power to make a big difference. Your generous donation, regardless of the amount, fuels positive change and creates a ripple of impact. Join us in making a difference in today's music world!

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Music Collective Amsterdam today and enjoy a concert of your choice, including rehearsals, along with a personalized thank-you card. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of classical music and experience live performances like never before!

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Music Collective Amsterdam and enjoy all concerts and rehearsals, plus a MCA shopper bag. Get access to an exclusive lecture by our artistic director, revealing the secrets behind the scenes. Immerse yourself in the classical music world and experience live performances like never before!

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Music Collective Amsterdam would love to connect with you and discuss our exciting plans. Join our extraordinary community of musicians on this incredible journey and enjoy various private services at your disposal.

Stichting Music Collective Amsterdam
Terworm 70 2036CR Haarlem

IBAN | NL38 ABNA 0127350594


RSIN | 865635985


grateful for your kind donation — your generosity is making a meaningful difference!

Aixa Siurana, Marc

Bakker, Adriaan

Bonansea, Bruno

Botma, Jeroen

Brinkhof, Susan

Chatron, Sandrine

Clemente Riera, Joaquín

De Lange, Harrie

Den Herder, Anna

Elsen, Elke

Feruleva, Anastasia

Freitas, Hugo

Gîlicel, Maria

Jaén García, Diego

Kamminga, Wilco

Laforce, Miek

Lee, Jae-Won

Lemaire, Paul

Lijó Bilbao, Xabier

Manciu, Ionel

Moulin, Julie

Nedialkov, Boris

Paulissen, Maxim

Peigné, Clément

Poghosyan, Lilit

Sogorb Jover, José

Van Nieuwburg, Theun

Van Driel, Matthijs


aim | mission | vision


At the core of our pursuit lies the objective to delve into the intricate relationship between music and human emotions. We aim to elucidate how music serves as a natural extension of our emotional experiences, reflecting our ideals stirring our hearts, and inspiring our public that endorse our dreams.


Crafting classical music is a task rooted in preserving cultural heritage and nurturing artistic expression. Through composition and performance, we strive to transcend time, inspire emotions, and unite communities. Our goal is to enrich lives by providing access to the timeless beauty and profound narratives of classical music, fostering a legacy of creativity and appreciation for generations to come.


The ensemble envisions a world where classical music is not just a privilege but a shared joy accessible to all. With a mission rooted in promotion and preservation, they strive to break down barriers and make the beauty of classical music resonate in every corner. Through innovative performances, educational initiatives, and community engagement, they seek to ignite a passion for this art form, ensuring its enduring presence in the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life.

core activities


The primary objective of the ensemble is to develop a range of projects per season, typically three to five in number. Each project is carefully curated and can consist of one, two, or three concerts, depending on the specific requirements of the venue or location of the request. Additionally, the ensemble aspires to expand its horizons and undertake international projects in the near future.


The Music Collective Amsterdam is actively advancing various educational projects aimed at enriching our audience's understanding and appreciation of the music we perform and share. Firstly, we focus on engaging and captivating our audience through immersive experiences that illuminate the essence of our repertoire. Secondly, we are committed to cultivating younger audiences by offering diverse show topics aligned with our core values. For instance, we delve into music history, explore the significance of composers like Gustav Mahler, and showcase the orchestra ensemble as a model for community development, illustrating how it fosters relationships across diverse backgrounds. Additionally, our educational endeavors encompass informative lectures designed to elucidate our daily activities both on and off stage. These lectures provide insights into our performance processes and event preparations, offering audiences a comprehensive view of our artistic journey.

organizational structure, composition and consultations


founding board

Established in 2023, the Stichting Music Collective Amsterdam comprises three members, as detailed in the Foundation section, each fulfilling distinct roles: a chairman, a treasurer, and a secretary. These individuals assume collective responsibility for the organization's welfare, maintaining close collaboration with its artistic director. Their primary duties encompass offering counsel, assistance, and supplementary support to advance the director's initiatives, tasks, and endeavors. It is noteworthy that the Board of the Stichting Music Collective Amsterdam operates voluntarily, receiving no remuneration for their services.

artistic and operational consultations

The Artistic Consultations entity assumes a pivotal role within the organizational framework of the Music Collective Amsterdam, tasked with the formulation of comprehensive artistic policies. Operating under the ultimate auspices and fiduciary responsibility of the Board of the Foundation, this committee comprises esteemed members including the Artistic Director, the Board chairman, and the Artistic Committee. What distinguishes the Music Collective Amsterdam is the distinctive composition of its Artistic Committee, which embodies a democratic format wherein all members hold participatory roles. This unique structure ensures that diverse perspectives and insights are thoroughly considered in the formulation and implementation of artistic strategies, fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to the organization's creative endeavors.

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